Turbo Trivia

"Turbo Trivia has taken our poorest performing night, and made it one of our most profitable. It took less than a month to build a loyal following, and we're still seeing new faces every week. It's so different to boring old pub trivia, and so much fun - Turbo Trivia took an old format, and made it WOW!!"
Manager, Technology Park Hotel Alexandria


“Trivia, how could we make it better?” Turbo Trivia was created in response to this question; to fill the need for a fun, slightly challenging night that would be an entertainment as well as a quiz. Our Drag hostesses are funny and fabulous and dedicated to making sure you have a great time. the questions will have the whole table putting in their two cents worth and all of our venues have restaurants so you can make a whole night of it.

Most of our venues have had Turbo Trivia for years and we have a few new venues coming on too so make sure you check the nearest to you.

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