Turbo Trivia

"Turbo Trivia has taken our poorest performing night, and made it one of our most profitable. It took less than a month to build a loyal following, and we're still seeing new faces every week. It's so different to boring old pub trivia, and so much fun - Turbo Trivia took an old format, and made it WOW!!"
Manager, Technology Park Hotel Alexandria


Want To Book Turbo Trivia?

We ask that you give Turbo Trivia a 3 month trial. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are Trivia nights. 3 months is the usual time for a Turbo Trivia night to become profitable from a scratch start. After that growth is exponential.

We give you an Advertising PDF that you can print off after adding your club details, times and room. This needs to go around your venue, in the toilets, behind the bar, at the entrance and your staff need to ask every customer if they are coming. With a 2 week lead in there is a great buzz created and everyone is ready to come and play.

Contact Portia Turbo portia@turbotrivia.com.au or on 0420 969 989 (text for a quick response). You can also use the contact form below.

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