Turbo Trivia

"Turbo Trivia has taken our poorest performing night, and made it one of our most profitable. It took less than a month to build a loyal following, and we're still seeing new faces every week. It's so different to boring old pub trivia, and so much fun - Turbo Trivia took an old format, and made it WOW!!"
Manager, Technology Park Hotel Alexandria


Turbo Trivia is a fabulous way to raise funds for you Charitable Organisation. We supply Drag Hostess for 3 hours, Answer Sheets, Biros, Questions and Games. You supply a microphone, venue and prizes. Our girls will help with your raffles, silent auctions and activities.

Some of the excellent fundraisers we have worked at include Brain Cancer, Greyhound Rescue, School Fundraisers, Girls Night In, ACON, Sydney Stingers and many more.

Buying Q & A

At Turbo Trivia we also sell our Q&A. If you have a host already and want a super fun night of Turbo Trivia without the fuss of organising the Q&A this is the easiest and cheapest way to do it. Our Q&A range from up to date pop culture, history, sport, animal kingdom, science, geography, music, film, and many more. New Q&A every week.

Included in the packs:

  • 4 x 10 Questions & Answers
  • 3 x Games
  • Enough to host a 2 hour Turbo Trivia for your event or pub.

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